We’ve always assumed the shop space for the Learn-a-Bike program would be used for more than just Learn-a-Bike. But we’ve only ever referred to it in relation to the program. But in reality, a lot more than just Learn-a-Bike happens here. So to be more accurate and to provide a better foundation for future branding and marketing of this space, we hereby christen it The Bike Lab!

The Bike Lab is currently home to Learn-a-Bike, Wyse Cycles @ The Bike Lab, Bikes for Refugees, and the EMU course LARTS 256: Commuter Cycling. And we hope to add more programs to that list in the coming months. If you have an idea for a program that would work well in our space, please contact us! We’d be happy to help you make your idea a reality.

The learnabike.org website is no more. You can now find information about Learn-a-Bike at thebikelab.org/learn-a-bike. Our email address has also changed to [email protected].